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ok guys.
I notify them that over the next week I will be out by holiday.
So if you see that don’t answer your emails or not publish anything don’t worry.
I’m taking a well deserved break.
Be good. And no do anything I would not do.


Anónimo preguntó:

Do you think you can draw a picture with Ragna the Bloodedge and Nu 13 doing it

I don’t think, in the game Blazblue there are a dozen stunning girls and Nu13 is the most bland of all.


Anónimo preguntó:

¿eres Consolero o PC gamer?

Como norma general Consolero.

Tengo casi todas las consolas que han salido al mercado. Es por una mera cuestión de comodidad, una consola la sacas de su caja la enchufas a la tele y a jugar, mientras que con un PC necesitas cumplir los requisitos necesarios para cada juego y a veces se puede convertir en un fastidio.

Pero como no le hago ascos a nada y me gustan todos los juegos también juego mucho a PC, juego descatalogados, viejas joyas perdidas, Indies, juegos exclusivos para PC…


Anónimo preguntó:

Since we are on personal questions, Do you have tatoos? Have thought about giving Wendolin some?

I have tattoos. my favorite is one that I have in my right leg.

I like tattoos, but if Wendolin had tattoos would always draw and is a pain.


Anónimo preguntó:

¿te gustan los comics Peches Mignons, de Arthur De Pins?

Me encanta cualquier cosa que haga ese tio, precismente Peches Mignons fue el primer comic suyo que compre.



Here is one of those pics that I do between commissions that I finally got around to finish. It consist of cool characters that are known for their claws, Can you name them all? 

when MVC 2 came out, my favorite team up was Wolverine, Felicia, and Sabre tooth (Team Scratch). 

I was doing this piece at the Blind Whino this past weekend during the video game tournament and art expo.

the colors took a long tome to do but I love the end result. This marks the 1st time I have ever drawn Wolverine also.


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