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mr-ares preguntó:

"Valentine Hole" was your first comic, until know what is your favorite comic, the one you enjoyed drawing the best?

precisely “Valentine Hole” is my favorite.
it was not yet famous, had no pressures, no hurry and if people didn’t like I didn’t mind. I drew it for me.


Anónimo preguntó:

How did you get the idea if Wendolin?

I was on my motorbike and stand at a light, I saw a girl with one of those jesrsey dress, I thought it was very sexy and wanted to do something.

the ratings have been hotly contested, but I think there is a clear winner, but give you a little more time for stragglers to vote. Time limit vote until 08/24/14.
Once the polls closed I can start working on the winning comic.

Remember this project can be carried out thanks to your donations, how many more donations I can draw more pages.

If you want to make a donation, can do so with links from my TUMBLR and through my PayPal
Anything you donate is very much appreciated! Also you can vote on three different ideas I have in mind.…
Thank you for all your support! and I don’t mean just money.You all being my fans encourages me to continue on with things like this.

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